Wednesday, December 9, 2009

skincare & me

Have you experience in buying a skincare product and you regret to buy it because it doesn't work to your face?? The result is not same as their promise before we buy it.. Sometimes, it's forgiven when we use it only a month but after we repeat with buying the same product (perhaps when continuously use it, it's work), the result is the same.. my skinny face is still having a black dots..arghh..tension & spoiled..

Since when i used skin care? i still remember my first skin care is BIORE facial wash that i used it in Form 1.. (influence by ads in tv).. i keep change my skincare caused i want to try from another product to another type (wasting mama's money).. I 've experienced used OXY to remove my smallest pimple and it gave a worst effect ( at that time, very shamed to date with monkey lover..hihi)

The best product i ever used is SAFI.. i love the krim kecantikan caused it made my complexion became fairer day to day..but  now, when i have my own money, i've try OLAY TOTAL EFFECT..i'm very loyal to this product about 4-5 years..quiet long haa, get bored with olay..from my experience, nothing is change, but i must accept that i'm going to 30 in 3 year more not 13 okey..

Finally, this year, i managed to change again my skin care to Loreal revitalift anti ageing..According to the promoter, my black pigmentation will reduce in a month (tarak pun, tipu tipu tipu!!) so what should i do?? go to laser treatment??some people who have money will do that..but for me which is kudukut, will think thousand time.. from my friend's experience, the laser treatment is work but the cost achieved rm 1000++..but after the treatment, her face look like burn..but it's temporary effect.. (thinking of doing it ^_^). it is more to yearly maintainance ..hihi..

The conclusion from this entry is, all my friends said that i not have a skin problem..but i like to gatal2 try this and that product..hehe.. i like.. so what's next product??don't know yet. But i'm thinking of buying MAC two way cake..aishh..expensive eh..never mind la..just use ZA until i become rich..hehe..daaa..

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alaaaa... tuan blog ni cuti... xde le update baru ni... =)


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