Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i wish..

Due to limited idea & time to join MY TOP 5 TREAT LIST by nuffnang, and their closing date is today, i'll do my own treat or wish, without any prize sponsored by any company (today is english day) ..hehe..so many wish to list down..are you ready to read??!! may be its sounds like materialistics or xsedar diri or ukur baju di badan sendiri, who cares, its my wish..wish plus pray plus rezeki = reality (hey..apa ko mngarut daa..).. here we go.. (korang dengar je la tok karut ni nak merapu)
 i wish i can :-
  • have a new living room set for our new house such as new sofa set, tv cabinet, additional tv (maybe plasma tv, sudah aim satu ma, baik punye)
  • renovate my upper floor bathroom which is temporary closed due to water absorb into the floor and mencacatkan my plaster ceiling below.
  • do a decoration to my little new house..i'm dreaming to have an english style look for my house, but it's look like aunties2 style.so, i'll change my dream to go for simple & modern style..(wekk..ala2 mampu je la)
  • make up my little kancil to become more efficient, not so hard when we drive it..i want to change my absorber, overhaul my clatch pad / gear etc..we drive this little one everyday to our office..so, must have a good maintainance of this..if not, i'll will get a new car to office or we will go to work by public transport..
  • i wanna a set of computer or laptop complete with internet broadband or whatsover..later pun ok..
  • this is must item..i want to proceed with my cloth diapers project with aqil..ha..we will see either this project will save our money or not.. i wanna try cloth diapers instead of dispose diapers coz it will increase our saving plus go green to earth..click here for more details..
  • i wanna be a best chef in my house and will try a few recepies from this website..it's look yummy and easy to try..when i'll start this project??coming soon after gaji okey..come to my new house and i'll cook for you..haha..
  • i hope i'll get a job tasks to do everyday..where is my pink form??i'm so bored every day must be melanguk to update my blog..
all of my wish list above is my daydream but i hope it will come true one day..please take note my 'accountant'..:-) not too soon, but slowly we will korek2 mana2 yg patutla..hehe..may be, one day we will have some "durian runtuh"..hehe..haa..is it hard to get my wish come true?? nop..until i get my next salary, one of my wish list will come true..haha..okk..daa..

p/s : this entry took a longer time for me to update..give my brain swing + headache to write in english..is it ok abg??:-) later u can comment on my grammar ok..huhu


suhaida shukor said...

rilex2 sudah. xde la terok sangat pon english

Suliana said...

ye ke?? ok la tu:-)

SiNoMoSa said...

hi ngah..
hmm alangkag bagusnya kalau bonus dapat 2 bulan kan..kan..kan..instead of RM500 eks? suma day dream tue bleh dikuit hikhik

AmiYs said...

hahaha.. su, ok la tu... grammar aku lg tunggang terbalik.. tu yg mls nk wat entry english tu... mau org gelak guling2 klu baca...

Suliana said...

kak shim,
yela..kalau dpt bonus 2 bulan, wish list tu akan tercapai agaknye :-) blh wat wish list baru..hehe

Suliana said...

ko ke fukusyima??aku pening fikir sape la amiys ni..kita tukar2 link ok..keep in touch ..

Ilhamny.com said...

mmm, ok jek tu english nyer tu..english sy lagik tunggang langgang..main blasah jek, tp pikir2, bila lg nak 'spekang' kan, nak ckp ngan kengkwn malu, so, blasah dlm blog jek larr..salah ke tak ke grammarnyerr, blog kita kan, pe pedulik..:)

sbnrnye nak wish salam perkenalan nih..hehe,
wife zaki kan..??de tgk awk kat penang dulu..sy tgk blog awk dr list siti shima friend, de dua tiga post yg sy dah terbaca, then cam best jek, so, trus follow jek larr..ok kan..hehe

Suliana said...

kak belinda..
yela, bila lagi nk spekang ni..kalau spekang ngan zaki asyik kena gelak je..mcm la dia tu btl sgt..:-) blog kita ni best ke??auww..malu plak..hehe..tq2..nnti kita pun follow blog akak ek..hehe.

AmiYs said...

aku dh link ko.. hehe.. anak ko comey aaa... geram aku tgk..


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